Happy Valentine’s Day! – Princeton Windrows couple makes Headlines


Couple: Stay committed, be considerate, compromise

By Joyce J. Persico / FOR THE TIMES

PRINCETON — Some things are meant to be. Like the lifelong commitment Sam Goldfarb and Irene dale made to each other when they wed on as snowy January day in Jersey City 63 years ago. Some things take hard work. But the Goldfarb’s, sitting comfortably in their home at Windrows, the independent living community in Princeton, make surviving the depression, raising four successful children and moving from the Princeton house they lived in for 50 years look easy.

They can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in the story of their long marriage, even at a time as appropriate as Valentine’s Day.

Theirs is, after all, a great love story. But it is one born and nurtured during a time when the words fidelity and forever meant something. Asked to think of a crisis that might have tested the strength of their bond, they looked at one another and could not come up with an answer.

“I’m a fatalist. I look forward to the future; he dwells on the past,” Irene explained. “Irene’s a neat nik,” Sam countered. “I’m a collector.”

He is newly turned 89 (their wedding anniversary, Jan. 28, is also his birthday) and she is 85, and the mementos of their long lives surround them in the rancher they moved into 18 months ago.

Family photos, artwork from their travels, a piece of sculpture, books, even the furniture from their former home fill the airy rooms. The visual reminders of their lives are comforting, but their deepest memories are held in their hearts and easily surface.