Resident Volunteers Teach English/Language Skills to Staff

Princeton, NJ: They came to America from Haiti, Africa, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Ecuador,
Guatemala and other countries. But all share a common workplace and goal. They are employed
at Princeton Windrows independent lifestyle community and are studying to improve their
English language skills. Windrows residents are volunteering their time and expertise to help

Since September, Windrows staff members from housekeeping and culinary services have been
taking classes to improve oral, writing and reading abilities to help them better perform their
daily responsibilities, move up in the workforce and improve their everyday lives. The 18
participants receive instruction and evaluation from Windrows residents Dr. Paula Fishman and
Rhoda Wagman. Princeton Windrows provides textbooks, notebooks and the classroom, as well
as time off during work for the student/staff to attend classes. The program is free.

Fishman taught English as a second language at the Connection for Women and Children in
Summit, NJ, is a former professor in nutrition at Hunter College and holds an Ed.D in education
from Columbia University. She talked about the idea of English classes with other Windrows’
residents in the summer.

“This is something I was happy to do and not only have the classes been wholeheartedly
embraced by the staff, they are already making a difference, ” Fishman said. “All the participants
are very enthusiastic to learn and I’ve seen significant improvement in their ability to better
understand and communicate with other staff and residents. It’s making their work environment
more efficient and productive.”

The student/staff range in age from mid-30s to mid-50s. Classes are informal, an hour-long and
held two days a week for both groups. Fishman is assisted by Rhoda Wagman, who helps
identify articulation and pronunciation problems. She has a Masters degree in speech pathology
from Kean University and retired from East Brunswick School System. She taught at Kean and
Douglass College. Wagman individually screened all the student/staff and provided Fishman
feedback on articulation problems, as well as instructional materials to address those
problems. Both women feel it’s very important to offer their services and are pleased with the
students’ interest.

“They are all motivated and want to move ahead,” Wagman said. “The program also improves
self image. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

Sherry Wagner is the Executive Director at Princeton Windrows.

“It is wonderful to have these two dedicated residents commit their time every week to teach four
classes and share their years of professional training with our staff,” Wagner said. “Staff
members are truly enjoying the classes and appreciate that our workplace provides them an
opportunity to improve their English skills while not having to travel to a traditional classroom
setting. We will continue to support them in any way we can.”

Classes will be held into early December and resume – possibly with an expanded curriculum – in

For more information, or to visit classes and interview staff and residents, contact Scott
McCaskey at Goldman & Associates Public Relations at 757-625-2518 or at:

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