University Towns: The Ideal Place to Retire

For many forward thinking retirees, choosing the perfect place to retire involves finding a vibrant community — one that’s brimming with cultural activities, intellectual opportunities and a variety of entertainment options. Filled with charming neighborhoods, welcoming people and quaint settings, university towns, like Princeton, New Jersey, can provide retirees with all of these benefits and more.

As CNN/Money notes, “a collegiate environment has even more appeal in the new era of retirement, in which it’s increasingly important to continue expanding your skills and knowledge base well beyond traditional retirement age.”

For seniors who want to experience a well-rounded retirement, complete with opportunities to pursue wellness in each of its six dimensions, Princeton offers a little bit of everything.

Exploring Cultural Pursuits

Princeton is filled with cultural venues including art galleries, theaters, concert halls, and more. Because of its proximity to Princeton University’s campus, the city is also home to many reasonably priced eateries, coffee houses, movie theaters, and reliable public transportation. For arts lovers, the McCarter Theatre Center, winner of a Tony Award for the best regional theater in the country, is a must-see. Princeton’s diverse recreational offerings allow retirees to mingle with students, keep up with the current cultural trends, and remain in tune with the arts.

Staying Intellectually Active

Not only do university towns offer an ideal setting for retirees to immerse themselves in cultural pursuits, they also provide numerous opportunities for intellectual growth. For example, Princeton University offers a Community Auditing Program for more than 200 Ivy League classes, which enables community members to sit in on University lectures on a non-credit bases for a discounted price.

Embracing Diversity

Because most universities draw students from across the globe, college towns offer a unique opportunity for retirees to explore world cultures, without leaving their hometown. For example, Princeton University hosts a wide range of internationally-inspired concerts, dance performances and events at the numerous campus performing arts venues on campus, including Richardson Auditorium, the Lewis Center for the Arts design by Frank Gehry, and the McCarter Theatre.

Princeton has a small town feel – with a population of just over 13,000 – yet its proximity to New York City and Philadelphia make big city attractions easily accessible to residents. In fact, CNN/Money rated Princeton 15th on its list of the 100 Best Places to Live in the U.S.

Princeton Windrows provides the perfect backdrop for active retirees who want to explore a vibrant university town. Neighboring Princeton University’s campus and a bustling downtown filled with first class shopping and restaurants, the community offers endless opportunities for active retirees. Whether residents wish to explore cultural opportunities, expand their intellect, or simply embrace new pursuits, Princeton offers something for everyone.