Marcella Ann Stapor

imgA High-Profile Trailblazer Chose Princeton Windrows

Marcella Stapor's fascinating life as a trailblazer reflects her strong identity and single-mindedness. As the sole woman admitted to her law school class of 100 students, Marcella graduated with a law degree from Brooklyn Law School before heading to Europe to work as a litigator in the specialty of worldwide intellectual property (copyrights, patents and trademarks) — another male bastion previously denied to women. She worked in Europe for many years and then returned to the United States to work for several New York law firms and major corporations.

She bought a condominium and served on its board for nine years, three of them as president. Despite traveling extensively for business and pleasure to 100 countries, she somehow found the time to volunteer for several organizations, take acting lessons, get a film degree from NYU, obtain screen credits for two documentaries, and write her autobiography, But That's Another Story: Pieces of a Life Lived, published in 2016.

With family and friends in the region, Marcella thought Princeton Windrows would be the ideal community for the next chapter in her life. She says there's so much to enjoy here that it's "like living on a cruise ship," albeit a 45-acre one. She loves that Princeton Windrows is a nonprofit run by a Board of its Trustees and has 17 committees that residents can join and is impressed by the self-governance and those who take their jobs very seriously.

Outgoing and engaged, Marcella has quickly made new friends and encourages other residents to connect with others who share similar interests and activities. Because she owns cats, Marcella is happy that Princeton Windrows is a pet-friendly environment and she especially appreciates that visiting veterinarian services are offered by appointment.