Monthly Events

A major benefit of becoming a Windrows homeowner are our fascinating classes and courses, daily and weekly cultural activities, films and lectures, programs focusing on fitness and wellness, and fun social events that are included in your monthly service fee.

You choose how busy and social—and how physically and mentally stimulated—you want to be from one day to the next. You decide your goals and priorities, when you want to read at home on a rainy morning, or when you want to sing in a chorus; when you want to stay on campus, or when you want to join friends in a car trip to an art museum. Our tastes and interests often change over time, much to our surprise. You may find yourself deciding that you want to learn chess, needlepoint or tai chi, so for that reason we encourage residents to explore everything Princeton Windrows has to offer. You never know what new passions you may discover!

Because many of our residents have a wide range of artistic experience and expression, we are happy they can contribute to the culture at Princeton Windrows. We invite them to show and lecture about their work at receptions in our Russell Marks Gallery. And our “Wednesday at Windrows” weekly seminars on a variety of interesting topics are always a hit, led by local artists, authors, educators, physicians, and other professionals.

Join Us for a “Daily Grid” Event at Windrows

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