Front Desk & Transportation Services

Our exceptional independent-living community prides itself on amenities to make life’s daily errands convenient and stress-free, to save valuable time so you can pursue your interests. If you want to take trips to get out and about, for whatever reason, our Front Desk & Transportation staff are here to help. If you don’t feel like driving or you no longer drive, our friendly, well-respected professional staff will sign you up for trips using our own drivers and vehicles, and will connect you directly to your driver to ensure your pick-up time is confirmed. All local trips are complimentary, but select special trips may have a fee.

Reservations can be made to book transportation to/from a doctor’s appointment within a 10-mile radius. On Tuesdays and Fridays, we provide free transportation for errands and shopping, with stops at the Amish Market, CVS, the Dollar Store, the library and post office, and supermarkets. On Wednesdays, we make trips to two Princeton University alumni social clubs, The Old Guard and the Present Day Club for Ladies.

Drivers are available during weekdays for drop offs at the Princeton Junction train station where you can catch a train to Manhattan or Philadelphia. Trips are also made for the extensive performance schedule offered by the Princeton Symphony Orchestra, and numerous other venues such as the New Brunswick State Theater. Group trips regularly go to the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan, the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, and the Philadelphia Orchestra. We own a sedan that seats four passengers, a Mercedes minibus seating 14, and a bus that seats 25 passengers.