Housekeeping & Maintenance

One of the joys of becoming a Princeton Windrows homeowner is truly leaving the burdens of owning a home to us: weekly housekeeping, routine maintenance, equipment troubleshooting, and garbage, recycling and snow removal. These are no longer your job or hassle! We call it maintenance-free living. We try to ensure that all homeowners live in a clean, safe and sanitary environment.

When you join the Windrows community, we talk about what your weekly housekeeping will entail, as well as setting the dates and times your home will be serviced. All rooms in your house are cleaned weekly, and dryer lint traps are emptied and cleaned. Housekeepers use only their own equipment and supplies, so you can reserve your own vacuum for only an occasional touch-up between housekeeping dates. If for some reason you will be away on a scheduled housekeeping date, that's not a problem; if you chose, your home will still be serviced on that date, and will be clean when you return.

Our fully-trained, supervised and vetted housekeeping staff have been with us for years, and their dedication and work ethic are outstanding. They, like all our staff, are cherished members of the Windrows community, and are treated as such.

Weekly housekeeping services are based on the square footage of your home for the time allotted for cleaning. Housekeeping pays close attention to any allergies or special needs you might have regarding cleaning. If you need additional or specialized services at an hourly rate, these needs can be communicated to Housekeeping 24 hours a day.

Routine maintenance and upkeep are a big priority at Princeton Windrows, to keep everything inside and outside our homes looking and functioning as new as possible. Upkeep and maintenance to home exteriors include repair or replacement of a homeowner's furnace, water heater and HVAC system.

Assessing equipment, repairing it, or replacing it are no longer your concern, Our Facilities department is responsible for exterior mechanicals of your home, including: furnace, garage door, HVAC system, and water heater. These costs are already included in your Monthly Service Fee*. Residents can contact our full-time Facilities staff whenever necessary.

 *The monthly service fee includes: invitations to all onsite classes, courses and lectures; access to all daily activities, musical entertainment, and cultural and social events; daily or weekly group trips to do local errands and shopping in Princeton; flexible club-style dining offering 8, 15, or 30-meal plan options; weekly interior housekeeping services and routine maintenance; 24-hour security monitoring with onsite security personnel; upkeep and maintenance to your home exterior, including repair or replacement of your furnace, water heater and HVAC system; complete care of grounds including trees and shrubbery; snow and rubbish removal; chauffeured transportation in a private car or bus to museums, symphonies or theatres; routine healthcare screenings and services at our Wellness Center; use of our Fitness Center's indoor pool and Jacuzzi, workout equipment, lockers and showers; use of our extensive Library and its 5,000-volume collection; use of our Art Studio and Computer Room; use of our Garden Center and Greenhouse.